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Dating for the Single Giant

A Singles Community for TMBG folk

Hello im 31, im a nuclear technition for palo verde nuclear power plant. I travel all over the world i enjoy snowboarding and going to ecotic places. i love meating new people so if you have questions just ask. I have a plythura of tattos and piercings.

Bet you forgot you were in here, didn't you? :)

(no subject)
 looking for tmbg singles in Nashville PLEASE!

Myspace - http://myspace.com/spankingsarefun

looking forward to responses!!!

(no subject)
Just saying hi folks. Reminding everyone they're still here. And that you can post in here. And talk and all that jazz. It's been pretty quiet, but there are like 36 of us in here. Reintroduce yourselves, strike up conversations. Something. ^_^

(no subject)
So, did we all have the stagnant christmas we always dreamed of or no?

That, and how many of you forgot you were in here. heh.

(no subject)

I am a 17 year old girl who likes cutting herself while listening to Particle Man.

I believe in pixies, Bigfoot, and cattlesnake.  What gives?

I am looking for someone who is a door.  You must have a bell and an identifying number.

I think that turtles are some of the sneakiest creatures, and will never trust one again.

People who look like their dogs creep me out, and if I owned a restaurant people who chewed with their mouth open would not be allowed to sit by the window.

I am so glad this community exists.

I do not wear hats.

New, but not a member
Not sure I'll join the community, but I'll give my info anyway, in case any lovely ladies are perusing.

Name: Carter
Age: 17 (18 in October)
Gender: Male
Orientation: I only go for the ladies.
Location: A small town in Brevard County, FL; about 20 miles of where the Space Shuttle takes off

Favorite picture of myself.Collapse )

(no subject)
An unspecified friend of mine (*cough*QUINN*cough*) told me that accordions - specifically, the state of owning and playing one - would get me laid. She also suggested I proposition this community for that purpose. So...uh...anybody wanna...er...I mean...would it be cool to...er...oh, you know.

(Watch this backfire.)

Name Susan
Age 19
Sex Female
Location Fairmount, Indiana
Orientation Bisexual
Political affiliation Libertarian
Religious affiliation (A very complicated) deist
More About Me... I think the aforementioned covers a lot of it. Needless to say, I'm very much a TMBG fan and have been for quite some time. "Birdhouse In Your Soul" is a masterpiece. I'm also very into Steve Burns and Barenaked Ladies, along with a plethora of other bands and singers that I'm not as into/don't feel like babbling on about at the moment. I'm very very strong in my Libertarian beliefs. I like tattoos a lot, too (I'm getting my seventh one this week). I'm terribly introverted and awkward. I go bowling multiple times a week and am on a first-name basis with the owner of the bowling alley; he even knows my shoe size. I watch VH1 like it's my job and collect busts of Abraham Lincoln.
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(no subject)
Hey guys.

I know it's quiet more often than not around here, and well. I've not a clue how to fix it. heh. Though, with the posts all you gorgeous TMBG boys and girls have made, I definately deprives us of that "geek" image. heh.

Anyway. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Hell, my thought is, how many people have found themselves dating someone who likes TMBG? I've actually introduced it to many of my exes, with a small couple knowing who they were before, and only like, one or two actually liking them. Anyone else find it harder to find a fellow fan to have a relationship with? heh.