Dating for the Single Giant

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Welcome to the TMBG Singles community. This is a place for all you TMBG fans to talk and maybe find that special someone to go to shows with, travel to Istanbul with, or even one day have kids and name them all John. The possibilities are endless, but unfortunately, they're up to you to make.

1. Introduction posts are mandatory, there's no set template, but you must include your name, age, sex, and location, everything else is up to you.
2. It's not mandatory, but, including a picture on your introduction post would be really nice of you. hint hint.
3. If including pictures in a post, anymore than 1 must be behind a livejournal cut, and if the pictures are of a questionable nature, please warn us at the beginning of your post, not behind the cut, people could be at work ya know!

Besides that, feel free to post whatever you want! Good luck!

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Her face
Hangs in portrait
On the post office wall
She's stuck in my heart now
Where my blood belongs